MBR – Dubai Hills Estate – Package 21, Dubai, UAE

Nasma Residences – Phase 2B (107 Villas), Sharjah, UAE
June 30, 2021
Dubiotech -Dubai
June 30, 2021

Al Nasr Contracting Company L.L.C vs. Dubai Hills Estate L.L.C

Package CP021 covers a land area of 183 hectares and is located at the south eastern edge of MBR Dubai Hills Estate development. CP021 includes the right-of-way to Precincts PA-14 to PA-21 namely; Mall Access Road, Boulevard, Perimeter Road and Road 4 extension. PA-21, which was previously included in construction package CP020, has now been included in CP021. The scope is consists of Grading, Roads, Shallow and Deep Services for Package 21 of MBR Dubai Hills Estate Project, Dubai, UAE.

Project Value: AED 124,388,770

AEH Consultancy scope is to prepare Third Party Peer Review assessment for the submitted “Extension of Time Claim and other Compensation” by the Contractor. The main target is to assess the claim from a third party point view and to advise the Contractor on the possible enhancement measures to the claim as well as the optimum way forward. The scope also includes presentation and meetings to elaborate the report result and the Contractor’s entitlement against the submitted
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