At AEH Consultancy is an International Group that supports all our clients during the life cycle of each project, we always look at maximizing the client’s financial targets and objectives while keeping fairness, business ethics, professionalism and integrity as stable as they always were.

Our Project Success Journey



This early involvement of the contractor should improve the buildability and cost-certainty of the design as well as creating a better integrated project control, planning and reducing the likelihood of disputes. This stage includes the preparation of the Contract Documents (Condition of Contract, Instruction to Tenderers, BOQ,…etc) and the Negotiation of the Contract with the potential Contractor or Client.

Project Administration

Our trained staff will work throughout the construction phase and will coordinate with all Stakeholders and trouble shoot on site construction issues to ensure the construction process goes smoothly, efficiently and completed on time by providing extensive commercial and contractual support.


We will be reviewing the Project’s disputes (claims and variations) and recommending the best way forward targeting the optimum solution, and to always act in the Client’s best interest in any capacity from being a claim consultant, preparing disputes and claims, to a third party expert.



AEH Consultancy has the only accredited FIDIC trainer in the UAE. We provide extensive trainings for our clients depending on the scale of their requirements and goals.

We do offer a varied range of training from the FIDIC accredited modules one and two, to a tailored training to suit the client’s need.

Our training includes:
1. FIDIC Accredited Modules One
2. FIDIC Accredited Modules Two
3. Advanced training in FIDIC Contract.
4. FIDIC Silver Book, “its tricks and usage”
5. FIDIC White Book “Professional Service Agreement”
6. Best Procurement Practice
7. Subcontract Agreements

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